Gideon Maasland

Director | Architect

Architect and Director Gideon Maasland (1978, Sliedrecht, the Netherlands) was educated at the Technical University Delft. He has more than 15 years of experience as an architect and joined MVRDV in 2016, where he specialised in the transformation of concepts into buildings. He leads MVRDV’s department for large scale, complex buildings in the Netherlands and abroad.

As a Director, Maasland oversees all the projects in his studio. With his hands-on work method, he is directly involved in the construction of multiple projects, making sure that the expectations for a design are maintained until the building is complete. Currently he coordinates different Dutch projects: the construction of Valley, a 75.000 m2 multifunctional building in the business district of Amsterdam, the construction of two Grotius towers, a 61.800 m2 residential project in the Hague, and the transformation of Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, a trade fair of 170.000m2. Besides this, Maasland is working on several projects in Eindhoven, Poland and the UK.

Prior to joining MVRDV, Gideon worked at DKV architecten, KCAP and Erick van Egeraat. Why did Maasland choose to work for MVRDV? “Because within MVRDV we create new types of buildings that more courageous, more critical, more human, more innovative, more contextual, more transparent, more curious, more sustainable, more adaptive, and more social than others.”