MVRDV - Studio Director Gideon Maasland to lecture at Hoogbouw België 2021

Studio Director Gideon Maasland to lecture at Hoogbouw België 2021


How can we design high-density high-rise buildings while preserving qualities of an intimidate, human-centered city? MVRDV studio director Gideon Maasland will explain that to you with our scientific insights, new techniques and inspiring, international examples at Hoogbouw België 2021 on September 23 in Antwerp.


Director and architect Gideon Maasland joined MVRDV in 2016. Maasland leads MVRDV’s Studio 8, which is responsible for large-scale, complex buildings. He leads all projects in his studio under development and construction, including Valley, Tripolis Park, and the transformation of Jaarbeurs in Utrecht, as well as various projects in Eindhoven, Poland, and the UK. Renowned for his detailed and dedicated approach, Maasland’s work is hands-on. To ensure the highest quality, he is often on the construction site directly overseeing building processes.

SPRYG Real Estate Academy organises this study day to explore the possibilities and the opportunities of high-rise buildings. This organization connects real estate professionals so they can share their knowledge and inspire each other. Other speakers at Hoogbouw België will be city architects and spatial advisors. The main language will be Dutch. This event will not be broadcasted online. To join the event you must register.

  • Date and time: September 23, 2021 - 13:30 (CET).
  • Location: Horta, Hopland 2 Antwerp, Belgium.
  • For more information about the event and how to register here.