MVRDV - Ground Breaking Ceremony for Ilot Queyries, Bordeaux

Ground Breaking Ceremony for Ilot Queyries, Bordeaux


This morning at 11:30 am, the official ceremony took place for laying the foundation stone for Ilot Queyries, a new standout 20,000m2 residential development right on the banks of the River Garonne in Bordeaux.

Ilot Queyries is part of a new set of collective dwellings spanning an area of 2.2 ha consisting of housing, commercial premises, a rooftop restaurant and parking.

Located right next to the larger ZAC Bastide-Niel masterplan, MVRDV and Agency Flint Design will work together on these residences that have a distinct façade, with a gold splash detail and consist of different shades of natural stone ceramic tiles, giving a textured overall effect from top to bottom. The open arch stands out as it connects the building to views of the river and natural landscape, whilst at the same time adheres to strict guidelines that ensure future residents have maximum sunlight and ventilation due to 45° cuts in the façade which also opens up to the landscape.

The event will take presence  of Alain Juppé, Mayor of Bordeaux, President of Bordeaux Métropole, former Prime Minister, together with Nordine Hachemi, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Kaufman & Broad,  Pascal Gérasimo, General Manager of Bordeaux Métropole Aménagement, Winy Maas, co-Founder, MVRDV and Véronique Tastet, Agency Flint Design.

Further details about the project will be released via our website at the end of May.