MVRDV - Resilient by Design Ideas Presented

Resilient by Design Ideas Presented

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Yesterday in San Francisco, MVRDV as part of a team led by HASSELL presented ideas for Resilient by Design’s Bay Area Challenge. Each Design Team toured all nine Bay Area counties and, based on what they learned they began to develop innovative design ideas to address sea level rise and resilience to climate change around the Bay Area.

The public is invited to engage in a dialogue discussing which ideas capture imagination, hopes, ideas, and thoughts on how to increase resilience in your community.

This valuable feedback will be relayed to the jury as they select which design opportunities rise to the top as the ideas that Design Teams will work alongside community leaders to develop into real-world solutions addressing many of our region’s most pressing concerns.

Visit the website here to share your thoughts and insights and click on the project pages to review and comment on each design opportunity. Comments can be submitted by December 1st, 2017 and these will be shared with the design teams privately.