MVRDV - Urban Hybrid

Urban Hybrid

Instead of the monolithic housing block described by the brief, MVRDV created a permeable courtyard block with small apartment buildings at the corners, townhouses along the streets and garden and patio houses inside the block. The 16 different housing types, which vary in size from 30 to 130 m2 and from one to four floors, provide an incredibly diverse variety of accomodation for different types of inhabitants. The houses are coloured individually in a pastel pallet which references historic buildings in the area.


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The city of Emmen (CH) has announced MVRDV winners of the Feldbreite competition for a housing block with 95 homes of 16 different types. The urban hybrid development combines characteristics of city...


@MVRDV is an architect cannot believe do not see in Manchester. 2013 Urban Hybrid Housing Winning Proposal / MVRDV shows a warmth, green awareness & colour seldom see in our city. & architects with huge advances in social/affordable design. So...!

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