MVRDV - Almere Floriade 2022

Almere Floriade 2022

Selected to design the site of Floriade 2022, the world's largest horticultural expo, in Almere, MVRDV imagines the area as a green extension to the city centre, a lasting Cité Idéal. From jasmine flower hotels and orchard houses to a restaurant in a rose garden and lily pond swimming pool, Floriade 2022 will be the most urban and most green Floriade to date. The question remains can Floriade 2022 be ecologically self-sufficient and stand as a model for symbiotic urbanism?


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Since September last year, work has been developing on the Floriade expo site, which has already resulted in big changes. The Green City Arboretum is already taking shape, as are the first roads and...


Wow! Floriade Almere 2022 grids showing the progress of construction so far! The Floriade will not only be a world horticultural exhibition in 2022, but also a new, green city district that rises on...


The Viaducts of Almere Floriade are now under construction, an exciting development for Almere Floriade 2022, the grid of gardens which will in future, occupy the 45ha peninsula. The Horticultural...

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