MVRDV - Lyon Part-Dieu

Lyon Part-Dieu

Lyon Part-Dieu

The Lyon Part-Dieu shopping centre houses a mixture of commercial, leisure and newly created public space. The design restructures each side of the mall, opening up the building to the street and adding a vast public roof garden. Through the artful re-arrangement of the existing programme and replacement of the old car park, MVRDV has achieved a dramatic increase in usable space: an extra 32,000m2 gross lettable and generous public space.

 “The redevelopment of the Part-Dieu commercial center is an opening act towards the city” says Winy Maas, “The formerly enclosed and defensive block is peeled open and thus becomes a place for the public to inhabit. It becomes part of the city.” 

The revitalised façade, coupled with the redefinition of spaces within and outside the building, looks to reconnect the Part-Dieu centre with not only its immediate surroundings, but also to the greater Lyon. Views are created to the Metallic Tower of Fourvière and the city's Basilica Notre Dame by opening up the façade pattern and rearranging the existing building masses. In line with ideas of transparency and permeability evident in the scheme, glazed components cover the top level of structure, and glass openings as well as stairwells look down into the heart of the shopping centre. 


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