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Almere Oosterwold

Almere Oosterwold

In cooperation with the city of Almere and the Rijksvastgoedbedrijf, MVRDV present the development strategy for Almere Oosterwold. Free design and construction will transform an area of 43km2. Limits are set to ensure the rural character of the area is maintained: 18% construction, 8% roads, 13% public green, 2% water and 59% urban agriculture. An individual’s creativity is limitless within this framework – who knows what forms the houses will take! 

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By surrounding each development with a green ring of urban agricultural and public or private green, city and landscape are mixed and creates a continuous green landscape. It prevents the closing up of the landscape, but creates a continuous open space, with surprising shapes, directions and interpretations. This allows for the development of a 'productive landscape' for the production of food, energy, water reception and purification, etc. After decades of scale enlargement of agriculture, which have led to an increased distance between production and consumer (physical and psychological), the transformation of this landscape is deployed on downscaling.

It redefines what the Government should do and what can be left to the future residents. It allows that they collectively create their environment and a part of the city. A participatory and adaptive urbanism, based on a process with an open end. An urbanism as a form of 'crowd planning 'arises based on 'swarm intelligence', where common components can be developed only if they are needed. Possibly even with crowd funding for the development of common and large-scale components when desired or needed.


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